Monday, 26 December 2011

Eye Floating In A Gas Mask

All my previous digital colour pictures have been created by tinting black and white artwork (pencil or pen & ink), sometimes adding digital 'paint' over the top to augment the picture. This is my first picture that is 'painted' digitally from scratch. There is still a pen & ink drawing underneath but except for a few stray pixels around the edges (and the signature) it is completely obscured by the colour on top.

The gas mask in the image is inspired by an exhibit of a WWII era gas mask in the Winston Churchill's Britain At War Experience (Tooley St. London). The single floating eye is well.. a motif I use often.


  1. looking good! Watching those Bobby Chiu videos paid off ;-)

  2. Thanks guys! Yes Olivier, the Bobby Chui videos are very informative ;)

  3. did you actually watch them! ;-) nah you said you hated his voice ;-)

  4. Haha! I got over 'voice' during the 2nd part. I've only watched upto part 5. Will get around to watching the final 4 parts but learnt enough to be getting on with ;)

  5. Cool Beans!
    Love this image and the mad world which it inhabits. Nice work on the forms and the lighting on that yellow tank is very effective.

    1. Thanks for your comments Mysterious Mr Gurch.

      You need to populate your blog so I can return the favor :)