Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pointing Treadbot

I've never owned a 'moleskin' sketchbook before. Coming back from London, in a slightly drunk state, one night not long ago, I saw moleskin sketchbooks on sale in the Victoria Train Station WHSmiths (was shopping for unhealthy snacks at the time). Once I got the plastic wrappers off, I was dissappointed to find out that moleskin is simply a brand name and not what the exterior of said sketchbook is derived from (my vegetarian daughter will not be happy I just typed that).

What does the nature of my latest sketchbook have to do with the sketch below? Absolutely nothing save for the fact that it's the first sketch in my [non]moleskin sketch book.

0.3mm HB mechanical pencil in premium brand, quite overpriced sketchbook.